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Body Talk with Quentin Jones

The bodysuit holds several misleading preconceptions. The first, that it’s unflattering. The second, that it’s uncomfortable. The third, that it’s a fashion relic best left in the 1980s. In this new series, we’ve set out to reassure some of our favourite women – many of whom wouldn’t have dared wear a bodysuit before – that it can be a smart, modern and empowering style option. First up, we invited Quentin Jones, a London-based illustrator  and film-maker, lauded for her surrealist sensibility, to select a Body Edition of her choice and tell us (honestly) how it makes her look and feel.  

What is your full name?
Quentin Antonia Griffin Jones.

Where are you right now? 
I’m inside my studio in Kentish Town, north London, standing in front of some old set pieces from an exhibition I did with [set designer] Robert Storey in the Brewer Street car park.

Have you ever owned a body before?
Yes, I have a stretchy black cotton one from years ago, but it’s kind of silly because the crotch doesn’t undo so you have to step into it. So, going to the bathroom is really quite annoying.

What do you associate with an all-in-one bodysuit?
Doing ballet as a five-year-old with a pot belly.

Are those things true of the Anna bodysuit you’re wearing now?
Well, I feel much less rotund in this one than I did in the styles from my childhood. But hopefully I can recreate some of my five-year-old ballet moves on the dance floor in it.

Tell me how it feels on…
Awesome. It might be the perfect thing to pair with either baggy jeans or high-waisted skirts. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the shoulder pads, but actually they’re subtle and just make my frame look a bit sharper.

Take a look in the mirror. Does it make any difference to your appearance?
Yes, my shoulders look much more chiselled and I am blending in exceptionally well with the props in my studio.

How do you think you will wear it?
With white dungarees, high-waisted black culottes, these very white jeans and a similar style of black vintage Levi’s 501 jeans.

Where might you take it?
Probably the usual…New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

Is there anything you would change about it if you could?
In the world, or with this body? We don’t have enough time for the former question, so let’s deal with the latter. No, it’s lycra-enhanced perfection.

What will tomorrow bring?
I’m going to New York. In fact, I need to pack! First into the suitcase, my new favourite body…

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