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Body Talk with Claire O’Keefe

Raquel Franco first met Claire O’Keefe, whom she describes as an “uncharacterised creative thinker, artist, concept stylist,” during the summer of 2015. They’ve been close friends and collaborators ever since. Based in Barcelona, O’Keefe is also the founder of a fabulous ephemeral jewellery brand @keefpalas. Here, she slips into a Pepi body and answers our quickfire Q&A.

Hello Claire, where are you right now?
At Soho House Barcelona!

Have you ever owned a body before?
Yes, my first body was white with a fake waistcoat attached. I was nine years old.

What do you associate with an all-in one bodysuit?
An hour glass emoji.

Are those things true of the one you have on?
Yes, actually the seam in the same colour reminds me of an hourglass shape which is very flattering.

Tell me how it feels to wear…
I feel very elegant no matter what else I’m wearing, even with my tracksuit leggings and trainers.

Have a look in the mirror. Does it make any difference to your body?
I feel enhanced from my wrists to my neckline.

How do you think you will wear it?
With a tracksuit.

Where might you take it?
Anywhere. For a meeting or even to the gym.

Where are you off to today?
I’m about to enter my Yin Yoga class.

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